Working at Big Bang : the career you always wanted

Do you want a rewarding career? Big Bang offers cutting-edge technologies, training, and tools to help you reach your full potential.

It’s never a dull moment at Big Bang. With knowledge sharing abound and training opportunities at your fingertips, your grey matter will never get bored. Show up ready to go! Big Bang is your second home and your work-family. Dive in with monthly happy hours, off-site and team-building events, fitness classes, sharing of memes, the friendly, and often quirky, people at Big Bang are always up for fun (our social and health committees make sure of it).

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What our employees are saying !

“I have never worked at a company where I feel as trusted as I do at Big Bang. I’ve been given the chance to prove myself, bring ideas to the table, and work closely with clients. When a coworker comes to me for support I know it’s because they trust and value my opinions.”

Pablo, Tech Lead,

Big Bang

Big Bang has had a huge impact on my career development. I’m glad to have been a part of it since its early days. The company puts a lot of trust in their employees and I’ve been a witness of where that trust has taken us; going from a company with one office and less than 10 employees to our current stage with offices around the world. Can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

Pablo Herrera , Tech Lead,

Big Bang

I’ve had the opportunity to lead large teams for the last decade or so. Most of that time was spent in a large corporation. One of the challenges in doing so is that your hands are often tied, at least somewhat, in regards to how much you can impact company culture. At Big Bang, we are encouraged, pushed, and even expected to challenge the status quo on a daily basis. I’m surrounded by young hungry professionals who challenge me as much as they do themselves. Here culture IS team evolution and that’s what keeps me intensely driven every single day.

Jason Gatelaro, Director of Professional Services,

Big Bang

Big Bang is a one of a kind experience — Employees are encouraged and given the latitude to put in place game-changing ideas. I am grateful to work with a group of dynamic people who question the status quo and who are bringing cloud delivery services to the next-level!

Melanie, Project Manager,

Big Bang

I love that the days are never the same here at Big Bang ERP. There are always opportunities to grow and learn – it’s never a dull moment!

Audrey, Director of Finance,

Big Bang

With learning opportunities at every corner,
what are you waiting for?

Hands-On Experience

  • Continuous employee training and education programs
  • Access to the latest cloud technologies
  • Exposure to businesses in various industries

Work-Life Balance

  • Ability to work from home or a remote location
  • Flexible work hours
  • Day off on your birthday!
  • In-house yoga and fitness classes
  • Concierge services: car wash, tire change, and dry cleaning

Perks with a BANG

  • Competitive salary, group insurance, and RRSP plans
  • Subsidized transportation (where available)
  • Trendy office with free parking
  • Comfortable, ergonomic workspace
  • Travel opportunities
  • Young and dynamic team
  • Big Bang gear and accessories
  • Nosh Bar: coffee, tea, and snacks
  • Annual company retreat
  • Monthly Happy Hours with craft beer and wine
  • Team building activities

Become a Game Changer. Apply today and change the way the world does business.

Big Bang career paths for professional growth

From your first day at Big Bang, you will interact with clients and are encouraged to tap into your fellow teammate’s knowledge and experience. Ramping up in Big Bang’s knowledge- sharing environment is easy, and participation in our growing library of technical resources is encouraged. Working with your mentor in your one-on-one coaching sessions, you will create your personalized plan for your optimal career path. The work you put in will dictate the speed you progress along your personalized career path.

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