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Trust the experts at Big Bang to help your team plan your digital strategy,deploy business solutions, and create organizational alignment.

Big Bang leverages certified experts with a proven track record working with in, or with customers, in your industry for your geographic region(s).

Since we operate globally with a large, diverse professional services team, Big Bang will be able to find the right team with the right skill set, availability, and understanding to help you and your organization thrive. When consultants understand the realities of your industry, they really can speak the same language and help you get the most of your work with Big Bang.

Gain true real-time visibility with Big Bang’s experts who will empower you to optimize your business.

Different businesses. Common challenges.

Your business is as unique as you are.

Still, but the truth is we generally see customers with very similar challenges, despite having vastly different company sizes, varied industries, and even various different geographic operations. One thing our successful clients have in common: technology is seen as a supporting asset of your business strategy, not an expense.

construction erp


Optimize your construction, architecture, residential housing, big infrastructure, and/or construction technology organization. Big Bang’s experts understand the foundation of a strong business is paramount to success.

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cpg business intelligence software

Consumables & Retail

Level-up your consumables and retail business with Big Bang. Whether you’re a full-scale E-commerce, retail, consumer service providers, apparel, food & beverage, or consumer durables organization, Big Bang can help optimize the customer journey and streamline the flow of critical information.

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manufacturing erp

Finance and Real Estate

Big Bang’s consultants are versed in working with finance and real estate organizations, including banks, investment funds, insurance companies, residential/industrial real estate firms, including online brokerages, online design services, and real estate technology. Certified experts can help navigate through the sometimes overwhelming world of digital transformation.

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erp for pharma companies healthcare erp


Protect and modernize your healthcare organization in biotechnology, health data management, hospital management, medical device manufacturers, personalized health, or pharmaceuticals with industry experts from Big Bang who will do everything to make and keep your business healthy, too!

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travel erp software


Big Bang’s hospitality experts are versed in both health and food providers. With fierce competition comes the need to uncover areas of optimization and ways to improve the customer journey leveraging data in real-time.

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erp implementation in agriculture

Industrials & Manufacturing

Improvements to your aerospace, defense, machinery, construction, or fabrication business can create enormous gains. Big Bang’s experts in industrials and manufacturing will quickly asses your business and dive in to help you streamline operations and bring visibility to your organization.

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erp implementation in telecommunication industry

Information Technology and Telecom

Your commitment to tech needs to start with your own company – be it cloud computing, machine learning/AI, big data, electronics manufacturers, software developers, information technology firms, wireless providers, cable companies, internet service providers, or satellite companies.

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erp for professional services industry

Materials, Energy & Utilities

Streamline your materials, energy and/or utilities organization with expert consultants from Big Bang. They will help you create organization alignment for your oil, gas, electric, water, mining, fracking, sustainable energy, integrated providers, power firms, refineries, mining, chemical, forestry, or discovering & developing raw materials business.

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media erp


Experts at Big Bang have experience with media companies serving customers entertainment, marketing, design, gaming, virtual reality, and streaming television. Consultants will bring functional and technical expertise to help improve operations and profitability.

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erp logistics system


Things move quickly for transportation organizations including, autonomous & electric vehicles, smart cities, and logistics. Big Bang’s certified consultants understand first-hand how valuable, accurate data is for transportation leaders.

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Your Transportation Business

Including autonomous & electric vehicles, smart cities, and logistics

Gain visibility between your departments

Are you aware of the profitability of your truckload or given project? Having departments with access to only certain information only gives them a portion of the truth. By getting everyone on the same page, you can focus on your customers, deliverables, and your growth.

Focus on the important, not the urgent

With clear reporting and a proper strategy, your transportation company can have the alignment to work on the most imperative projects, not what simply seems the most pressing at the moment. 

Competition is fierce

Shrinking competitive advantage is a reality for even the most advanced transportation company. Get a leg up on your competition when it comes to making decisions and maximizing revenue by leveraging the best information available – in real-time.

Growing pains

Your software or information plan was not created for the fast-changing marketplace and tools to scale. Skip the growing pains and proactively plan your product roadmaps and software – how they work today, in the future, and when to upgrade based on creating tangible value for your transportation organization. 

erp logistics system

Cases Study

Customer Success with Big Bang​

Bus Patrol's security technology gets a boost

The importance of customization in optimizing security technology About BusPatrol BusPatrol aims to create a responsible and conscientious road culture. With your children’s well being at heart, BusPatrol provides safe and secure transportation for young students from their home to their school and back. BusPatrol’s security technology “Safety Tech” allows it to differentiate itself from […]

Bus Patrol's security technology gets a boost​​​

Bus Patrol chooses Big Bang and NetSuite to customize and implement better business systems to optimize their security technology.

We have helped them

Mavenlink has allowed us to benefit from several advantages. We can now supervise in real time the progress of the different tasks, the skill sets of each team member, the availability of resources, etc. The descriptive is a lot more precise… it is a great tool and we really enjoy using it!

Marc Thibodeau, CTO,


Looking to optimize your transportation operations? Trust the experts at Big Bang who deliver tangible results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

What is the best software for the transportation industry?
What is an ERP system in logistics?
Can a transportation software integrate with other software?

The best software is determined based on your needs and your strategy, including how you structure your organization.

Having the expertise of working with many platforms is invaluable when making a product decision.

It is a software that allows a company to sell its products to consumers or businesses.

It should offer real-time tracking and KPI metrics such as measuring capacity, inventory levels, and aid in the planning for future demand. Specifically, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a type of financial software that all industries benefit from using. Find out more information here.

Great news! Thanks to open APIs, you can integrate all the platforms you use, so when you open your dashboards, all information is available to you and your stakeholders from anywhere.

erp logistics system

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Enterprise Resources Planning


The single-source of truth lives here with all cumulative data in one system enabling visibility on reporting, finances, true ROI, operations and the consolidation of all business centers.

Manufacturing Resource Planning


Track visibility and traceability on the shop floor and optimize machine productivity and staff allocation. Maximize production while staying on top of the operating costs and considering demand planning, seasonality and lead time.

Professional Services Automation


Gain visibility in real-time on your customers and projects, including accuracy on staffing (time tracked vs. payments), allocation of resources and skill sets, project profitability and the proper forecast to staff at the right time.

Supply Chain Management


Optimize the layout and productivity of your shop floor and delivery routes for raw and finished goods, taking into consideration the units of measure, bins, purchase patterns, seasonality and other small details. Managing these logistics will keep your production organized and clear.

Human Capital Management


Simplify the retention of your best talent with a 360-degree experience for your employees. Promote your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), track individual career paths and monitor performance reviews from one centralized system.

Customer Relationship Management


Enable your sales force to go from reactive to proactive customer relationship management and clear pipeline forecasting. Dashboards and tasks will drive the customer journey so your team can focus on closing the deal.

Marketing Automation Software


Actively promote your brand and upsell products and services to the right person at the right time with the right message.

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