ServiceNow for Help Desk Support, Human Capital Management, and IT Hardware System Performance

A single cloud platform that can transform how your enterprise works. Using a powerful workflow engine with native artificial intelligence, ServiceNow delivers intuitive experiences and helps simplify how your teams get work done. Big Bang offers ServiceNow solutions in:

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IT Service Management (ITSM),

IT Business Management (ITBM)

IT Operation Management (ITOM),

Customer Service Management (CSM).

Planning, Consulting and strategy

Lead by Big Bang’s experts, tailored for your organization’s strategy, goals and needs


Consultants with both the industry and technical acumen configure, test, and deploy elegant solutions.


Leverage the profound knowledge of our certified consultants

Our certifications

10 ServiceNow certifications

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator
ServiceNow ITSM Specialization Accreditation
ServiceNow Partner Pre-Sales Specialization: Customer Service Management
ServiceNow Partner Sales Specialization: Customer Service Management
ServiceNow Pre-Sales Core Assessments
ServiceNow Pre-Sales ITSM Specialization
ServiceNow Sales Core Assessment

Achieve greater visibility on new projects, resource capacity, and availability on the ServiceNow platform.

ServiceNow for IT Service Management (ITSM)

Optimize your IT system performance, service delivery, and operations through our Big Bang methodology and documentation for higher workforce efficiency. With Big Bang as your ServiceNow partner, your organization can

Consolidate multiple sources of configuration data and inventory

Streamline IT operations to facilitate speed

Achieve rapid deployment through documented processes and a recommended a Transition Plan to get everyone up and running as efficiently and effectively as possible

Servicenow consultant

ServiceNow for IT Operation Management (ITOM)

ITOM plays a crucial and strategic role in business success by detecting problems before they start. Get the full picture of your digital ecosystem with proactive alert management on the ServiceNow platform. Precisely identify issues and their root-causes to reduce recovery time. All users get a better understanding of the main business objectives and gain visibility into your enterprise architecture. Eliminate manual work and minimize costs with Big Bang customized process automation.

ServiceNow Consultant

ServiceNow for IT Business Management (ITBM)

Empower your IT business management with greater visibility and alignment across all your projects, resources, and business goals through real-time status updates and ultra-efficient resource allocation. With Big Bang as your ServiceNow partner:

Full setup of a 360° vision on all current projects

Real-time status updates of projects and portfolios allow for better and more timely decision-making

Achieve greater transparency amongst project teams

Meet project deadlines and confidently create and secure new project opportunities

Proactive resources allocation enables an increased speed of project execution

Leverage your team's efforts by focusing on projects that bring the most value to your business goals

Accurately align operational requirements with your workforce capacity

ServiceNow for Customer Service Management (CSM)

Improve customer satisfaction while minimizing costs with ServiceNow’s proactive end-to-end solutions platform. From customized self-service options to efficient automation of your customer’s most common requests, you can:

Maximize employee productivity

Instantly and accurately identify customers impacted by service interruptions

Solve problems proactively and make better business decisions by quickly identifying trends through dashboards and analytics

Equipe teams to view and track infrastructure issues to enable better resolution and customer service

Resolve complex issues by connecting the right people, processes, and systems between departments

servicenow consultant

ServiceNow Benefits with Big Bang

Empower ServiceNow users to automate, extend, and build digital workflow apps across the enterprise with a single, unified platform.

Connect your people and processes with intuitive, cross-enterprise integrations for ServiceNow solutions and external services through IntegrationHub. This scalable, codeless, framework enables IT to boost speed and productivity and integrate popular business apps.

Seamless, intuitive, and mobile experiences that enhance environments for user productivity and satisfaction.

Seamlessly embed AI and analytics in every app. Work smarter, predict issues before they transpire, and make more sound business decisions.

servicenow consultant

Gain better insight into your business with Big Bang’s Certified ServiceNow consultants.

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