Zuora for the Subscription Economy

Zuora is a cloud-based software that enables any company in any industry to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business. This one single platform serves to connect your CRM, ERP, and entire IT architecture, all while mobilizing your subscription services. Big Bang offers Zuora solutions in:

  • Finance
  • Product Management
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Sales & Marketing

Read on to discover how Big Bang can help you use the Zuora platform to support your shift to the offering subscriptions with ease.

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Knowledge Management,
Help Desk,
Wiki and Intranet,
Chat, Website,
Social Media and Sharing

Knowledge Management, Documents, Help Desk,
Wiki and Intranet, Chat, Website, Social Media and Sharing

Planning, Consulting and strategy

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Big Bang supports your shift to the Subscription Economy with Zuora.

Zuora as a Sales & Marketing Solution

Today’s markets are continually changing. Whether you’re entering a new geographic region or launching a new product or service, you’ll gain that competitive edge by getting to market faster. Do not let your outdated systems get in your way. With quickly-change pricing and without having to change any code to designing product bundles and add-ons – you can drive growth and retention within a subscription business model.

With Zuora Sales & Marketing & features include:

Acquire new customers, anywhere, with a front-office CRM, partner portal, or e-commerce site

Retain and renew subscribers

Flexible subscriptions

Subscriber management

Automated revenue recognition

Expand your current customer base

Increase net retention year after year

Automated billing and collections

Global payment methods and gateways

Reporting and analytics

Zuora logiciel

Zuora as a Finance Solution

Transactions processes can become complex as your business model adapts to selling subscriptions. Support your Finance team and fiscal health of your entire organization by using Zuora to automate your recurring billing, payments, revenue, and month-end close processes.

With Zuora Finance:

Collect payments in 180+ currencies, using any of the 20+ offered payment gateways and methods

Automatically post summarized journal entries or send detailed transactions directly to your GL

Guide and optimize your business model with the right metrics

Assign different revenue recognition rules for every product or service you sell

Stay compliant and adaptable to the evolving regulations

Monitor business health and performance with accurate data in real-time

Zuora integration

Zuora as a Solution for Product Management

The subscription market is fast-paced and competitive. Businesses that succeed are the ones that don’t just keep up – but initiate innovation. Zuora delivers powerful insights that allow you to build what your subscribers value most. A better understanding of how customers are using your product or service guides the strategic launch of products on any channel, automates accounting operations, and easily recognizes revenue on any product.

With Zuora Project Management:

Identify power users with machine learning algorithms that assign customer personas based on metrics and usage patterns

Trend usage patterns over time to get a full picture of your product investment

Discover opportunities for new product development

Understand top-performing features with the tracking of user actions and overall product usage

Easily A/B test pricing strategies in a single UI to deliver competitive pricing and packaging

Zuora as an IT Solution

Incorporating or shifting to a subscription-based business model demands that your systems be up to speed to support. Zuora’s modern technology stack is agile, cost-effective, and responsive to business needs.

With Zuora IT:

Reduce manual steps and inefficiencies in quoting and order management processes to enable efficient sales growth

Scale systems to handle rapid uptake of new subscribers

Connect and extend Zuora to fit your business with pre-built apps like Salesforce, General Leger Integrations, and Tax Engine Integration

Zuora Benefits with Big Bang

Integrate Zuora to your industry-specific applications

Customize unique business processes with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop builder

Feel confident with Central Security Model

Extend the data model to capture unique subscription information

Automate day-to-day operations and trigger customer communications and data integrations all without custom code

Big Bang supports your shift to the Subscription Economy with Zuora.

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