FinancialForce software for Professional Services Automation (PSA)

The #1 Enterprise PSA

FinancialForce is the leading Salesforce native cloud PSA application. It uses the data in the CRM and ERP you already have, eliminating the need to maintain several systems of record, resulting in a highly efficient, error-free, and cost-effective solution that goes far beyond basic bookkeeping. FinancialForce offers two cloud solutions: a customer-centric ERP and a professional services automation solution.

As a PSA solution, FinancialForce is a stand-alone services app for all project stakeholders, at every stage of service delivery, so that your organization can optimize utilization, make service delivery predictive, and accelerate your business value.

FinancialForce professional services software will scale to meet your business requirements for small-to-medium sized growing business as well as the most complex multinational organizations . Read on to discover how the FinancialForce PSA app can help you gain unprecedented visibility into your business across sales, services, and finance.





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Case studies

7-step success for Hawthorn Creative​

7-step success for Hawthorn Creative

BIG BANG’S 7-STEP BIG BANG EXPERIENCE® GUIDED HAWTHORN CREATIVE TO NEW HEIGHTS. Digital Marketing Agency, Hawthorn Creative was working with disparate customer relationship management (CRM) and financial systems that wasted time and caused errors with duplicate entries. The 7-step Big Bang Experience® guided Hawthorn to migrate and work off of one customized streamlined cloud-computing platform to […]

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Big Bang successfully guided the digital marketing agency, Hawthorn Creative system migration using the 7-step proprietary method, The Big Bang Experience®.

Gain a complete, customer-centric view of your business with #1 ERP and PSA on the #1 CRM platform with FinancialForce.

Why choose Big Bang as your FinancialForce PSA Consultants ?

Big Bang’s team of trusted business advisors can help you get the most out of FinancialForce from BSA (Business System Analysis). By choosing Big Bang to implement and optimize FinancialForce as your PSA solution, you get the most out of the entire solution, customized specifically to your business by trained experts with an expert track record who understand PSA completely. Implement faster with experts who know how to properly configure and optimize FinancialForce for your industry. Big Bang consultants can advise you when to customize and when to leverage connectors to best integrate FinancialForce with other platforms. The number one goal is to help your business evolve and grow, taking in consideration your organization’s best interest in every decision made and advice provided.

Ahead of the curve, an established partner

As an early North American partner, the first FinancialForce partner in Canada and France, Big Bang has been there since the start, gaining thorough understanding and deep familiarity with the product suite through all its iterations and usages.

Delivering elegant solutions, rather than over customizing

FinancialForce comes ready to integrate with your business, with an approachable interface and next-generation UX. With our sharp eye for detail and accurate experience, we’ll help you access the right level of customization required for your business.

Strong professional services automation expertise

We fully capitalize on our team’s extensive business knowledge to enhance technical expertise. Our team will share our insights and best practices with you to get the most out of FinancialForce and any PSA with real-life experience managing our own professional services.

Our® proficiency for the win, again

The Big Bang team has a comprehensive knowledge of® – the Salesforce platform that FinancialForce is built on. Salesforce is the most popular CRM software and integrates directly with FinancialForce. We’ve developed best practices and streamlined our methods so that you can fully tap into the platform’s power and avoid common pitfalls.

financialforce psa

Our certifications

19 FinancialForce Certifications

NetSuite Certified Financial User

FinancialForce Automation Services features that can help your business in:

Resource Management

Get the insight and visibility you need to help forecast, plan, manage your resources more effectively.

Project Management

A single view of every project being managed keeps them on task, time, and budget, and all stakeholders informed. Seamlessly kick off projects straight from the opportunity in the CRM.

Time & Expense Management

Reduce your administration time with highly configurable and ease-to-use time entries – personalized for each user and captured from any device including mobile.

Sales & Services Collaboration

Unite your sales and services teams with a PSA and CRM that are seamlessly connected. Accurately scope deals, and share critical customer and opportunity details to set and deliver on client expectations.

Project Financials

Get powerful forecasting and analytics tools to give more control and predictability over everything involved in the services economy. From bid-to-bill, comprehensive financial views, revenue recognition, and project budgeting, your team will know exactly when to take action and where to make adjustments.

Forecasting, Reporting & AnalyticsRobust forecasting lets you easily view and manage KPIs. See everything across project and services delivery from capacity planning to backlog visibility and billings forecasting.

Robust forecasting lets you easily view and manage KPIs. See everything across project and services delivery from capacity planning to backlog visibility and billings forecasting.

financialforce psa
financialforce psa

The FinancialForceAdvantage

FinancialForce is a flexible yet robust professional services automation app that increases profitability and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain & Project Management

FinancialForce Inventory Management gives you the ability to analyze inventory levels, availability, and procurement as well as sales data in real-time. With accessible Supply Chain Management (SCM) data, you will always know the official status and be better able to make informed business decisions around replenishment and future sales.

Human Resource Management

FinancialForce and ADP® have partnered to offer an integrated project and talent management solution optimized for speed to profitability. This joint solution allows you to increase service delivery margins and fuel revenue growth through a unified view of your people, their skills, and projects.

Professional Service

The perfect balance between sales and service. Give your team easy to use mobile and social solutions that keep everyone in the loop, projects on time, customers happy, and reports up to date. And do it all on one integrated platform. Professional services organizations use FinancialForce to make PSA run smoothly.

Built for® and Salesforce

Built on the® platform, FinancialForce automatically gives you and your team a complete, customer-centric view of your business. Best of all, the bi-directional syncing of important data is already taken care of for you. Designed to support customer-facing employees, the suite of solutions makes customer engagement easy, enjoyable, and useful.

FinancialForce Benefits

FinancialForce is a cloud-based, secure, and customer-oriented professional services automation solution that offers unparalleled benefits for service delivery.

Integrates seamlessly all operations of your business to power a continuous accounting cycle.

Quickly identify upsell opportunities with current customers and stay in the loop with Chatter, a built-in collaboration tool.

One-click invoicing turns any revenue-generating activity into a bill with a simple point-and-click.

Global business support with multi-entities, multi-currency, taxes, VAT, and more.

Automates your finance functions - from timesheet approvals to the revenue recognition.

Simplify the order and fulfillment of both goods and services with dynamic workflow processes.

Get visibility and control over the entire procure-to-pay process for both indirect and direct expenses with real-time dashboard views.

#1 PSA as surveyed in the SPI 2020 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark

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