Rootstock Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Rootstock, for supply chain management

Efficiently manage supply and demand on the cloud with software built and designed by manufacturers. With Rootstock, you can automate all the SCM tools you need from requisitions through to purchase management, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and Replenishment.

With the help of Big Bang, meet your customer demand efficiently, cost-effectively, and in the quickest manner possible.





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Case Studies

Customer Success with Big Bang and Rootstock​

A multi-product solution for Gerotech Inc.

The Right Solution for Your Business Might Require multiple Systems – Who Can Handle It? To sustain fast growth, manufacturing companies have migrated to the cloud to maintain their competitive advantages in a disrupting market. However, it is not always easy to know where to start. Without proper guidance, the decisions made can damage your […]

A multi-product solution for Gerotech Inc.​​​

Big Bang helped integrate a multi-product cloud solution for the manufacturing firm Gerotech Inc., sparking sustainable fast growth and competitive edge.

Precisely manage supplier relationships, execute supply chain transactions, and control business processes with Rootstock SCM tools.

Why choose Big Bang as your Rootstock SCM Consultants?

Big Bang knows cloud manufacturing

We were early adopters of the Rootstock software and one of the first to partner with Rootstock. We also know how to help you maximize your job floor to book the right resources to meet the forecasted demand. 

Our expertise comes in handy

When combined with Salesforce, Rootstock closes the gap between CRM and MRP, helping your business become more customer-centric and agile.

We have a strong Rootstock practice

And we stack our consultancy team with those who have industry expertise –  so we give you the best cloud solution, backed with practical insight. Our consultants are trained alongside the Rootstock team. 

Full picture consulting

Our succinct knowledge of multiple software and processes allows us to bring you visibility in one single platform to help you respond to demand and align it with your customer journey.

Our certifications

4 Rootstock certifications

Rootstock 101
Rootstock 102

Key cloud SCM system functionalities


Streamline your requisition process with Rootstock. Enter purchase requisitions for direct and indirect materials manually or with the built-in planning tools. You can even convert requisitions into purchase orders or designate them as employee reimbursable expenses.

Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

Consolidate purchase orders across numerous distribution centers and minimize shortages and reduce ordering, transporting, and holding costs with DRP.

Purchase Management

Efficiently manage purchasing from requisition to receiving and approval. Track purchase orders through the entire process, automatically generate orders for your suppliers and view intricate purchase order details and key vendor information at any time.


Improve forecast accuracy and operational responsiveness and plan replenishment by division, site, or project.

rootstock scm
rootstock scm

The advantages of Rootstock SCM for cloud manufacturing

Real-time visibility of all supply and demand information on a single screen for multiple or single items

Access to information at your fingertips allows you to quickly drill down to details to make on-the-fly adjustments to completion or release dates, quantities and parts, and more.

Reporting that gives you the insights in real-time so that decision-making and operations can become more streamlined.

Create automatic forecasts for any period using historical data, or manually create predictions based on both history and future sales.


Match and manage your demand with the production with resource tools that help you respond to demand and align it with your sales process.

Mobile-ready with the Rootscan mobile application, you can manage all activities and processes related to your supply and demand in real-time.

All-in-one solution platform that leverages all the possibilities

With built-in Salesforce Communities, create online supplier communities so that you and your team can collaborate and communicate with suppliers in real-time.

Streamline management of your systems, cut excess costs, and deliver products quicker with Rootstock SCM cloud solution

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